The beds - in our catalogue have been designed specifically for hotel and contract use and are all 'Source 5'. 
Careful research and many years of experience have proved that hotel beds need to be different from those in a domestic environment.  Our specification are to a very high standard, from heavy sections of timber in base to the reinforced handles on the mattress.  Materials and construction comply with the latest British Standards or CEN standards where applicable.
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Varsity Contract Mattress
Hotel Defiant Mattress
Uni Divan
Florida Frame
Varsity  Breathable

                   Regency 2000 Pocket              Hotel Executive 1400             Hotel Defiant Duo Option               Hotel Memory
                     Bases Only                  Hercules Bunk Bed               Ranger Bed              Folding Bed JML12           Neptune 13.5g

Spring Options
Flame Retardent

It is a legal requirement that Hotel Beds conform to appropriate standards of flame retardant, as set out in British Standard            BS7177 (1996).  All beds in this catalogue comply with ignition 'source 5' some offer even higher standards, unlike those sold for domestic use in normal retail shops which do not comply with these high standards.


Delivery is free of  charge (except on order under £500, when a £50 charge is made) to any location in the UK with reasonable vehicular access, no order is to small.  Assemble of our beds is simple and straight forward, requiring no special tools.  However, we will be please to quote for siting and erecting in individual rooms, if required.